Art Scene Disrupting the Market Through Inclusion

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor), the next-generation art discovery and evaluation app, is disrupting the art market by combining cutting-edge technology with deep insights into art and aesthetics. Our proprietary "artistic quotient" machine learning system helps users discover their unique taste in art and navigate the art market with confidence. With Art Scene, collecting art is no longer limited to the elite few - our app is democratizing the market and making it accessible to everyone.

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AI Art Advising Services for Everyone

Are you tired of feeling intimidated by the world of fine art? Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor) is here to change that. Our mobile app offers a fun and approachable way to discover and appreciate fine art through casual gaming and art advising services. We use the latest machine learning technology to provide personalized recommendations and guidance for art enthusiasts at any level. With Art Scene, you can explore the art world on your own terms and discover new artists and styles you never knew you loved. Download Art Scene today and start your journey into the world of fine art.

Art Scene (formerly AI Art Advisor) makes art accessible and enjoyable with its mobile app that offers art advising through casual gaming.

Art Scene Users

The Rest of the World0


Your ratings of work at museums and work available to buy are used to create personalized private bespoke exhibits near you.


Learn about your taste through the stats page. Find out more about your preferences.

Attend Private Events

Machine learning allows Budget Collector to create personalized exhibits.

Describe Yourself

Our artificial intelligence system uses your profile to invite you to private art events that feature your taste and budget in a location close to your own home.

Join the Museum Advocate Program

Our program is designed to help museums showcase their best artwork, gain valuable feedback and insights from our community, and drive more engagement and donations.


Inspired Me

“The app inspired an artistic part of me that’s always been there but hasn’t been tapped into for quite some time.”
Nini Amerlise
Winner of Supermodel Canada

Challenges Snobbish Ideals

“This innovative use of technology challenges the snobbish idea that only the rich can afford great art by helping anyone learn how to confidently and affordably bring the power of beauty into their lives.”
Sean Latham
Zarrow Center

Discover Yourself

“It’s fun. It helps you discover something about yourself and gives you an idea of what speaks to you.”
Nicole MΓΆlders
Alaska, US

Upload Your Own Work

Upload work for free. No monthly fees and no commissions for online sales.

  • Philbrook Museum – Tulsa, OK

    Artwork needs to be active, it needs to be activated, it needs to be able to tell stories that matte...

Our Journey

Both co-founders have a strong opinion about creating a more open and inclusive environment for art lovers. Find out about our journey and help us dream up a better art world.